Collection: Alliance: Silo

Our alliances are with like-minded folk who care about people and the planet like we do.

Our first alliance honours the values of the world's first Zero Waste restaurant, Silo.

The chef knives have our logo lasered on one side, and Silo's on the other.

  • Silo

    Silo is the world's first Zero Waste restaurant. From its food to its furniture & fittings, Silo is leading the way in demonstrating the potential of a sustainable food industry.

    Silo's story 
  • Doug aka Our Hero

    Douglas McMaster owns Silo. He also owns one of the first knives Tim ever made with a plastic handle. As a Fellow of The Skeleton Fund, Doug inspires & challenges how we work.

    More about Doug 
  • Donations

    We're donating the proceeds of our Silo Alliance to a primary school Doug works with that puts food and nature at the heart of the curriculum. Check out:

    The Greenside Food Experience