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200mm Silo Chef Knife

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Your knife handle will be the same colour combination shown in the photos, but with small variations in pattern. Working with recycled plastic results in unpredictable but always unique handles.


High carbon stainless steel blade (N690), recycled plastic handle.

All knives are handmade with these approximate dimensions:

200mm blade | 50mm height | 170g weight

Information about all our knives

Knife materials

The blades are a high carbon stainless steel (N690), chosen for its excellent edge retention qualities.

The handles are made from waste plastic, washed up by the sea and picked up by us & beach cleaning groups in South West Scotland.

Knife care

Please don’t put your knife in the dishwasher!

The best way to clean your knife is just a careful wipe with a wet sponge and then a dry wipe straight afterwards. They’re stainless but not stain-free so keeping the knife clean & dry when not in use will help to avoid rust.

Store your knife on a wall-mounted magnet or somewhere where it’s not going to bash into things.

Sharpening is best done with whetstones.


Knives are wrapped & shipped in recyclable cardboard, paper bubble wrap and paper tape.

Please re-use or recycle the packaging where you can. If you have a compost bin then it’s a great addition as your brown matter, just remove the postage label first.


We send knives all over the world with full insurance. Once your knife is posted you'll receive a tracking number.

In the UK we have to post knives using age verification, so please expect to show ID when receiving your knife.

Some countries will apply additional customs charges so please be aware of your additional costs if buying from outside the UK.

The maker

Our knives are made by one of our directors, Tim. Tim has been a bladesmith for over 7 years, combining his experiences as a chef, artist and steel worker into a passion for making knives that look good, are good & do good.

You're not just buying a knife...

...every purchase from The Skeleton Fund results in donations to charities & good causes.

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