Our mission

We create & sell chef knives, then donate the profits to good causes.

We are a Community Interest Company

Here's what being a CIC means to us:

  • Community | We benefit two communities. Firstly, the environment, wildlife and people of our local community in South West Scotland. This is where we collect most of the plastic for our knife handles. Secondly, the wider community of organisations across the UK supporting the people & problems of our planet.
  • Interest | We are interested in having a positive impact on the environment, so our products have a zero waste focus. We have a particular interest in supporting organisations targeting different types of poverty or environmental issues.
  • Company | We want to make a profit, because that's our donation fund! The CIC Regulator makes sure we're donating responsibly and our Fellowship keeps us honest.


The Skeleton Fund is run by Tim & Cara. Tim is a knife maker (so guess who'll be stocking the shop...) and Cara works for a university. They're not taking salaries to maximise the profits donated.

The Fellowship of The Fund

Our Fellows

Romer | Not just our sister-in-law. Romer brings passion to everything she does and we rely on her to give us her honest opinion & eye for detail.

Michelle | Great at handstands. We love how Michelle leads by example, connected to her community & the planet.

Doug | Creative earth warrior. Doug is our zero waste hero who inspires how we work: "not trying to be the best, but doing something for the best".